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About us

Expert Systems Co.
EXS is a System Integration with solid experience in the ITC, Audio- Visual, Security and power. We provide complete turnkey solutions from Consulting, Design and Engineering to Installation and Maintenance.
EXS provides the entire spectrum of solutions and latest technologies.
We can help you handle every aspect of any requirement, from the earliest stages of design and development to accurate implementation.

Our Values

Our company’s core values revolve around five main principles which help us maintain our position as a
reliable safety systems provider:


We always do what is in our clients’ best interest. We also ensure consistency with our morals when dealing with our suppliers.

High Tech

All systems are of the highest quality and use the latest advancements in technology.

Supplier Relationship

Because our success is based on our suppliers and the products they provide us with, building good relationships with them is of monumental importance.


We are always transparent with our clients and suppliers and provide them with all the information they need to make informed decisions.

Client Relationship

Our clients’ satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Consequently, our relationships with our clients do not end after the installation of a system; regular follow-ups are made in addition to proper maintenance, warranting the longevity of the systems installed and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

Best business solutions at your fingertips!


Data Center Consulting Design and Building
As Per TIA-942 Standard

● Strategic Data Center Planning
● Technology Consulting
● Facility Assessments/Analysis
● Growth Modeling
● Security Consulting

ITC Expert begins the process of developing a data center solution with our consulting services. Our team of expert, data center consultants recognizes that every business is unique and therefore requires a unique strategy for housing their critical data processing equipment. That is why each data center deployment includes a complete facility assessment. Consultants work directly with each client to ensure an individualized design plan that considers the company’s business objectives, fiscal constraints, long-term goals and IT growth model for hardware equipment. The assessment allows ITC Expert to plan and build a reliable, scalable and appropriately sized data center that effectively houses critical data processing equipment.

Data Center Design & Engineering:
● Architectural Requirements
● Redundancy & Tiers
● Telecommunications Requirements
● Electrical Requirements
● Mechanical Requirements
● Security Requirements
ITC Expert provides a single point of responsibility for the design of our client’s new facility. We work with some of the most experienced design firms in the industry to guarantee a seamless transition from our facility assessment to complete design documents. ITC expert has an extensive team for site analysis, planning, design, equipment selection, detailed project scheduling, implementation and commissioning of your critical data center infrastructure. ITC expert conducts overall design management, including program planning, management control and reporting, quality control, data control, coordination and scheduling that meets cost, time and business objectives.


● Professional Audio
● Professional Video
● Control Systems
● Conference Systems
● Public Address System Video Walls
● Home Theater and Private Cinemas


● Analog / Digital PABX IP Telephony
● Wireless Communications
● Structured Cabling
● KVM switches


● CCTV and Surveillance Systems
● Access Control Systems
● Time Attendance Systems
● Intrusion Alarm Systems
● Biometric Readers
● Asset Tagging Systems
● Monitoring systems


● Digital menu boards
● Informative video walls
● Interactive screens Video walls
● All accessories: Cables, switches, splitters and extenders

Power Management & Prime systems

● Smart UPS systems 1-phase & 3-phase
● Smart PDUs 1-phase & 3-phase
● Mobile, tablets & Laptops Charging stations
● Inverters
● Batteries
● Fire alarm & Fire fighting
● Monitoring Systems

iQ Queuing System

Robust 19 inch touch display.
Easy to manage and monitor.
Detailed reports.
No need for external server
System Components

• 19 inch touch display.
• 2 HDMI ports to connect screens to display the status of the
queue (number of ports can be increased).
• AUX audio output to connect external sound amplifier.
• Thermal printer to print the user cards.
• Network port RJ-45 to connect the unit to local network.

The system OS is very stable and cannot be affected by any problems of
the Windows environment (viruses).
The user interface relies on WEB BASED technology which enables employees and managers to access the system through any operating system (WINDOWS, Macintosh , Android , Linux).
The system gives the administrator all the permissions to add, remove or modify the services and the possibility to add or remove or change the password of any employee in the system in addition to specifying the services provided by each window. The system, as well, enables the manager to extract accurate reports about each employee, window or
The system gives the employee the possibility of converting the card to another window without having to wait for a new role or a new service request.

A Matrix display (365 x 210 mm) can be added for each window to show the status and the number of the under processing ticket.

The system’s recalling pads allows employees to call / re-call the next customer or transfer the customer to another window or to stop receiving customers.

ePayments Solution
Amusement Parks System

Easy Pay System is produced by Smart Card Solutions Group, is designed to meet the needs of the entertaining parks and city games.
The System is based on international technologies and a Local expertise supervision in implementing the entire system.
The system was tested in the field to assure its full productivity.

– Incorporates many features for ultimate guests’ convenience.
– The Easy Pay System is designed to suite all the ages.
– The System is based on RFID Technology.
– Protects from thefts and frauds.
– Increases sales volume and Cash funds through prepayment.
– Easy and fast Cash calculation at the end of each day.
– Reduces overcrowd and the error rates when distributing paper cards.
– Helps the Marketing department to :
Increases customer service through ease of payment, enables identifying the desired patterns to make offers on events and facilitate Food and Beverages sell during playing time.

-Built in display with Arabic or English Language with a background light showing the game card information, the date and time with all currencies required.
– Friendly user; just get the card close to the Reader to display the card balance, the subtracted value and to run the game.
– All Readers works without any need to connect them with the central server via Ethernet network, with the ability to be network connected to control the whole
– Can be used on all kinds of games, “Video games or engine games…”
– All the cards information, including the date, time and the balance, are stored in the Reader memory.
– The Data can be retrieved via network or a special Master card.

– Plastic cards contain special codes for the system and the establishment, operates wirelessly with RFID technology, easily used (encrypted to ensure
protection from copy , steal and counterfeit operations).

  • Manages All Product and Service
  • Register Customer Name, Address, Email and Birthdate
  • High Resolution, Customizable Graphics
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Sell Special Packages
  • Sell and Recharge Cards
  • Check Account Balance
  • Register Customers
  • Credit Card Reader
  • This program provides full control of the system and control all operations of the collections and points of sale reports are fantastic to give whole operation view within the facility through a web page (can run this program from any operating system pc or mobile)
  • Remotely can control the readers:  change price settings on readers, turn off reader, change time &date.
  • Point-of-sale control Turn on, turn off, generate reports, control resources, and create special offers, pricing cards…
  • Permanent monitoring of the facility through the general status page Dashboard, which gives charts and digital on the progress of sales cards, playing, balance and number of customers.
  • Issuing and printing all financial reports and activity reports.
  • Employee time control points of sale.
  • Monitor the warehouse of empty cards and issue alerts in the event of imminent entry of cards.
  • Place Game Out of Order and Produce Out of Service Report
  • Function Key, can be added to the Games controller to start playing the game when customer is ready, by specifying certain duration and special message, “Press the start key”.
  • Power Supply 12V-DC.
  • Self-service devices can be distributed in the location to allow customer check of card validity and balance.
  • Several types of cards can be issued, such as games cards only, gold card, VIP cards or a Loyalty Cards.
  • Bus cards system for public transportation.
  • Bonus & Points system for Malls.
  • Prepaid system & payment collection systems for any institution.

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